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             The emergence of obesity across the world has increased and continues to increase if we do not provide a change. The books I selected are for 3rd and 5th grade elementary students in P.E. Two of the books I chose were for my 6th grade health class. As a PE teacher in elementary I have noticed the students not having an understanding of why it is good to exercise. As a teacher you have to have a professional and smart way of telling a students why he or she need to exercise daily. I believe that by reading the information students will have a better understanding of why we exercise.                                                       
           I chose the following books based on the content are of my teaching. The categories of the books fall under health and physical education. These books should give my students a better understanding and gain valuable knowledge over why being healthy is important.

    Title: Movers and Shapers
·      Author: Dr. Patricia Macnair
·      Illustrator: Sebastian Quigley, Guy Smith·      
    Publisher: Kingfisher  
·      Copyright: 2004
·      ISBN #:0-7534-5791-1
·      Genre: Health Non-Fiction
·      Library: Bovina Elementary Library


The author of this book uses great illustrations and information to inform the students about how the body works during exercise. The pictures show in great detail how the body works and every organism that the body utilizes. The author provides information from heartbeat to brain cells. The book also provides information on the importance of staying active and being healthy. The author gets into the bones, muscles, and joints and explains in great detail how the musculoskeletal system works.

Personal Comments:

I really enjoyed reading this book. I found it very informative and great for the kids to understand the way the body works during exercise. The author did a great job of providing important information and providing the best digital illustrations. The digital illustrations made the information easier to understand and really help the students remember the information.

Suggested Classroom Use:

The information is great for a fifth grade class level since the reading level for the book is 5.3.  I can use this book as a weekly reader where I have my PE students read a chapter a week and really understand the information. This would be a book to read in a group setting and have every student attentive. I would encourage students to use the information while they are exercising during the PE class.

·      Title: What Happens when you Sleep?
·      Author: Joy Richardson
·      Illustrator: Colin and Moira Maclean
·      Publisher: Gareth Stevens, Inc.
·      Copyright:1986
·      ISBN #:1-55532-136-4
·      Genre: Science Non-Fiction
·      Library: Bovina Elementary Library 


What happens when you sleep is describing exactly what the title is stating. The author explains the importance of sleeping and why we need sleep. The book explains through images and basic language how the body reacts to sleep. The book also talks about dreaming, recovering, and the different stages of sleep.

Personal Comments:

Overall this is a great book. The book has great information regarding sleep and why it is  an important characteristic of our overall health. The story is a short reading but it is full of information. It also explains why you snore, why you wake up to use the restroom, and why we have nightmares.

Suggested Classroom Use:

This is a book I could use for a third grade PE class. I would use this book in a group setting. This is a great book for students to understand the importance of getting some rest. Children are usually very hyper during these childhood stages. Rest is an important method of recovery for young children. Helping them understand this concept will also allow them to accept the fact that sleep is important.

·      Title: Me and My Amazing Body
·      Author: Joan Sweeney
·      Illustrator: Annette Cable
·      Publisher: Crown Publishers
·      Copyright:1999

·     ISBN #:0-517-80053-5
·      Genre: Informational
·      Library: Bovina Elementary Library 


Me and My Amazing Body, is an informational book. The author provides information of what is under the skin. It breaks the information down into muscles and describes what muscles are used for. Every organ of the body is illustrated in pictures as well as English reading.

Personal comments:
This is a great book for any elementary student to read. It covers the body from head to toe and describes ever organ. The information provided is understandable and easy for any elementary student to read.

Suggested classroom use:

This is a great informational book to use in a group setting or as an individual. It is an easy book to read and great for the students to fulfill their knowledge about the human body. I can use this book in my PE class and help them understand what is under their skin and how the body can work in mysterious ways.

·      Title: The Skeleton and Movement
·      Author: Steve Parker
·      Illustrator: Andrew Aloof, Marion Appleton,
·      Publisher: Franklin Watts Inc.
·      Copyright:1989
·      ISBN #:0-531-10709-4
·      Genre: Informational
·      Library: Bovina Elementary Library


The skeleton and movement book is an informational book that describes the structure and function of the human body. The book breaks down the human body into multiple parts and describes the importance of each part.

Personal comments:

Overall the information in the book is really informative. The author went into depth with each topic and provided the information that was most important to the subject. The author also provided images that helped with the understanding of  the text.

Suggested Classroom Use:

This is a book I would use with my 6th grade PE/Health class. The information provided by the author is understandable and easy to read. This would be a great opportunity for the students to question each other’s movements during physical education. I would have the students read the book and test them on the knowledge of the human skeleton and movement.

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